Western Culture, Asian Values

We made our unique models workable to drive transformation and employee capacity development in organizations.

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AIM Learning Process

Holistic Approach

We want you to have a holistic approach to initiating training intervention with the bigger picture in mind and a crystal clear vision of the outcome.

3 Levels of Training Needs

We incorporate all three levels of training needs from Organizational needs to Departmental to Individual needs to ensure every level are aligned.

Concept to Results

Our trainers bring concepts that can be used straight away to ensure continuity of learning upon participants’ return to their workplace.

Creative Tools

We create tools from cards during training to journals for logging activites after training. This endless stream of creativity helps our participants during and after training.

AIM Programs

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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

  • I was one of the participants who had the privilege of attending the 'TRAIN THE TRAINER (PMSB CERTIFIED TRAINER)' programme organized by Pembangunan Sumber Manuasia Berhad (HDRF) Kementerian Sumber Manusia
    P Iruthayaraj A/L D Pappusamy
    Special Functions Adviser to the Executive Director of MEF
  • We worked with AIM's team for AmMetLife Takaful Berhad Change Management Program in 2017. They helped the team go through the Change Management journey by introducing a proper structured Change Management process. They also helped in implementing new strategies, goals, values, mission and providing a structured monitoring and tracking tool.
    Noor Azam Mohd Yusof
    Chief Executive Officer, AmMetLife Takaful Berhad
  • Sesi ceramah pemikiran kreatif dan inovatif serta pemikiran kritikal telah melengkapkan keperluan pendekatan pemikiran holistik di kalangan pegawai CPK. Penyampaian secara bersahaja dengan contoh yang sangat relevan, disulami pengalaman praktikal tuan dalam budaya Jepun membuatkan pembelajaran lebih realistik dan meninggalkan kesan yang mendalam di jiwa pegawai.
    Tuan Haji Sohime Ahmad
    Timbalan Pengarah Kanan, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam
  • This program brings out true leadership from an individual. It provides an avenue for any individual to lead and build their confidence and achieve their career path.
    Andrew Santanam Dass
    Assistant VP, Sime Darby Berhad


Certified & Accredited

Apakah perbezaan antara “HRDF TTT Certified Trainer” dan “HRDF Accredited Trainer”? Dalam konteks HRDF (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, PSMB) “HRDF Trainer” adalah trainer profesional yang telah diperakui (certified) dan ditauliah (accredited) oleh pihak mereka (PSMB). Di bawah “HRDF Trainers Development Framework”, para trainers telah dikategorikan seperti berikut: TTT Certified Trainers Kategori ini adalah untuk trainer […]

HRDF-TTT: Exemption vs. Participation

Taking the HRDF Train-The-Trainer (TTT) exemption is not the same as attending and going through the final assessment. Allow me to explain why. Sure, no doubt that some people are naturally gifted and are able to captivate the audience. They can stand up and command the stage. This is definitely an advantage if you are […]


Berikut adalah pautan-pautan berkaitan dengan HRDF dan maklumat berkaitan bagi para trainers dan training providers (TP). Jemput baca. Syarat 120 jam untuk status HRDF Accredited Trainer https://www.hrdf.com.my/hrdf-tdf 👆 Syarat mendaftar sebagai syarikat penyedia khidmat latihan (TP) dengan HRDF https://www.hrdf.com.my/training-provider/ 👆 Syarat kelayakan pengecualian hadir program HRDF-TTT https://www.hrdf.com.my/hrdf-trainer/ 👆 Ada soalan lanjut? Boleh berhubung terus HRDF […]


A few weeks ago, #teamAIM received a message via FB from a teacher in Croatia by the name of Davor Cerni. Mr. Davor mentioned that schools in Croatia has been closed due to the virus outbreak and he is currently preparing online materials. The intention of his message was to seek permission to use one […]